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Vip cottage for 3 days (weekdays) and 9 500 rubles

If you are the real judge and admirer of comfort, then you surely will be pleased with recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha". We prepared a VIP-cottage for the real fans of cosiness and comfort. 

VIP-cottage for group of 10 people. The cottage is completely furnished. The kitchen is equipped with the latest technology, from ware to a complete set of household appliances. We paid special attention to your comfort meaning that you will be able to take with yourself not just convenient clothes, but yoyr favorite clothes as well, for this reason there is a washing machine.

But there is more to come. For your comfort apartments of a VIP-cottage include not only necessary rooms, such as bedrooms and kitchen. There is also a drawing room with a fireplace, and restroom on the first floor.

On each floor there are shower and bathrooms. You shouldn't run on all house in one towel and wait in the line to take a shower: all conveniences directly on your floor. But not only shower. The VIP-cottage will please you with both sauna and jacuzzi!

And now imagine that you have an opportunity to go to the country, enjoy magnificent landscape,inhale clean fresh air on the river bank, walk on the wood and all this in joint with habitual comfort and  cosiness. Can you refuse it? This is what you're looking for! You endow nothing, you shouldn't refuse habitual comfort, but in addition, having decided to arrive to us, you receive a cheerfulness charge for the autumn period known for the depressions and avitaminosis. Photos against the background of the nature, evening rest at a fireplace, sauna on the bank of Volkhov, you will definitely remember your rest for a long time and it will help you to fight everyday problem.

We wait for you on recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha"!


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