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According to east calendar the coming year is the year of the Dog

According to east calendar the coming year is the year of the Dog. And not a simple dog, but the Yellow one! And though, according to the Chinese customs, it will come into the own only on February 16, 2018, Russians will welcome the character of New year already on January 1.

How is it better to meet New year to make it successful for us? What dishes to select for a festive word, and what, on the contrary, you shouldn't do absolutely?

The selection of the most interesting recommendations is given below.


  • The first advice concerns a choice of a New Year's dress – for it experts recommend to select this year things of pastel tones – yellow, beige, sand. Reserved shades will be pleasant to the character of year, and, undoubtedly, will decorate you. The ladies are recommended to make volume festive laying down – it adds a necessary luster to your image; It is preferable to select footwear in light shades – in tone to a dress.             
  • As for the festive menu – here everything is quite simple – dogs love meat! So, we put festive meat dishes and snack in the middle of the table, diluting them with greens and fresh vegetables – many dogs, as well as people, like to crackle vegetables and fruit. But it is better to reserve fish dishes for the next celebration – fish delicacies – a choice of cats, and dogs are traditionally at odds with it, even in New year.  
  • Decoration of the house with an image of dogs will come in handy too. Daisies, candles, Christmas tree decorations in the form of our canine friends will provide a worthy meeting of the year of the same name and will please your kids.      
  • And still, the main thing in celebration of year of the Dog is not jewelry and dresses, but the appeal to character of this animal. Dogs are the most devoted friends, they adore fun in the good company, outdoor games and fulling in snow. So, it is the best of all to meet this New year in good company of friends and relatives where you will feel in the epicenter of a holiday. Gather several generations – adults and children, friends and relatives and the hospitable Dog will be glad to see everyone. Enter the New Year together.           
  • It is very important to meet this New year with darlings – not without reason year of the Yellow dog symbolizes love and correctness, so peculiar to this devoted animal.       
  • You must not quarrel or remember old offenses this wonderful day. The friendly Dog doesn't suffer conflicts therefore it is necessary to meet this New year in peace. Both with yourself and with the relatives, certainly.

Let the year of the Yellow Dog bring you tranquility, pacification, harmony and a lot of joy! And our cozy recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya Dacha" in the Volkhov region of the Leningrad Region will become the ideal meeting place of New year in the big or small company. Dogs adore frolicing outdoors, and we have a lot of place for it here! By the way, you can arrive to us together with the pets! There is everything necessary. And everyone will find what he likes.

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