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Autoquest "Rurik's Treasure"

We wait for fans of adrenaline and adventures in one of picturesque places of the Leningrad Region near the city Old Ladoga on the river bank of Volkhov.

This fascinating auto racing unites from 2 to 5 crews, each of them rides the car along a route leading to treasures hidden by Rurik according to the legend!

The members of crews should show remarkable sharpness and bypass the rivals not only in movement speed, but also in knowledge of history of Ancient Russia to solve a riddle. The task is difficult, but the victory is worth it. Here you will be able to remember complexity of reign of Old Russian princes, refresh the main milestones of history of Russia in memory and learn something new about Old Russian lands and legends.

Routes of the autoquest "Rurik's Treasure" will pass in the neighborhood of our recreation facility in the Volkhov district, where the legendary way "from the Varangians to the Greeks" took place, where the picturesque woods and fields stretched on the river banks of Volkhov, where participants should solve some historical twists  to come nearer to their goal.

Each crew will have to solve riddles and every answer will help them to approach a final point of quest. It is a real dose of adrenaline for those who dreamed to take part in the real historical adventure long ago and at the same time test the driver's abilities.

From 2 to 5 crews can participate in quest "Rurik's Treasure" at the same time, participation cost for one crew makes 2000 rubles. If the emulative spirit is close to you and the ancient history of our homeland is interesting, you'll definitely like the quest "Rurik's Treasure"!

Book participation in quest now, we wait for you on our recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya Dacha".

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