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Barrows of Old Ladoga

Barrows look as group of picturesque coastal hills and at first don't draw attention. However every day the great number of inquisitive tourists comes here to see the legendary place of burial of Prophetic Oleg – one of the most mysterious figures of Old Russian history. According to legends, the famous governor was buried in the considerable of local barrows which height is more than 10 meters today.

Now it is traditionally called Prophetic Oleg's barrow. By the way, prior to the archaeological researches, height of the hill was about 14 meters, however, further, it decreased. Prophetic Oleg was the famous voivode, the history attributes him glory of the winner of Khazar Khanate and a set of other considerable victories.

The historical value of this place is proved by archeologists, and here mystical abilities of barrows aren't confirmed, but rumors about them still exist. They also attract tourists, whose interests lie in the sphere of visit of places with unusual power engineering. It is considered that the biofield is capable to influence physical and psychological state well here.

The unusual structure of an internal part of barrows also attracts genuine interest of scientists and tourists. Perhaps, barrows are a part of ancient earth solidifyings. We know only one thing for sure, that a row of underground catacombs has natural origin and a part of them is created by men.

Archaeological excavations in the location of barrows started at the beginning of the 19th century. Scientists found things, which creation time is dated the VIII-IX centuries.

 We recommend to reach to Old Ladoga to see these picturesque barrows to everyone, who comes to our facility "Staroladozhskaya Dacha". By the way, the remarkable view of the river and neighborhoods opens from the highest of them - Prophetic Oleg's barrow.

Resting at us, you will not only be able to enjoy the magnificent nature, but also to touch riddles and the mysteries of Old Russian history, for example, having visited these surprising barrows.

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