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Boat rental on the Volkhov River

Driving by rowboats is an integral part of outdoor recreation in warm season. Visitors of our recreation facility can enjoy fine landscapes when boating. Rental is organized in our territory.

The recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha" is located on the bank of the ancient Volkhov River. This beautiful and deep river slowly brings the waters from the Lake Ilmen to Lake Ladoga. It isn't just very beautiful here. The purest waters of Volkhov are rich with fish and it makes these places a real paradise for fishers. Boat rental works from spring till fall, it gives an opportunity to slowly fish or just enjoy beauty of Volkhov. 

Sportfishermen will be able to organize a real competition on the best catch in which nobody will remain in loss, the river Volkhov is incredibly rich with fish – bream, catfish, roach, zherekh. There is no such variety in any other river in Leningrad and the neighboring areas. Just imagine how you hazardously fish around in a catch anticipation! And after that it is possible to fry your fresh fish on fire.

Active recreation fans will be able to arrange races with rented boats, diving fans can jump straight into warm and pure waters of Volkhov.

Driving by boats is a democratic entertainment for children and adults, loving couples and elderly people. Don't forget to visit our rental, we wait for you from May to October!

The cost of boat rental – 250 rubles/hour;

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