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Corporate activities in the country

Communication of colleagues in informal environment and organization of corporate activities is a basis of effective team building in the company. Each city dweller has deficiency of communication with the nature in the conditions of residence in modern megalopolises, it deprives of internal harmony and is reflected on physical health and morale.

The idea of organization of corporate activities in the country is an excellent opportunity for each member of collective to have a rest from "the stone jungle" of the megalopolis, reunite with harmony of nature, restore forces and health. Laughter, fun, active recreation in the fresh air – all this can be organized in a format of the corporate activity. It is fashionable, non-standard and very effective from the point of view of formation of command spirit in collective.

Corporate rest in the Leningrad region on recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha"

The recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha" is located near St. Petersburg, this picturesque place with magnificent organization of events for vacationers invites everyone to visit this base with opportunity of holding corporate activities with participation of all employees (up to 100 people). Who can you surprise with a party in cafe or restaurant now where all guests feel held down, sitting at a table, occasionally being distracted by dances and competitions. Binge and food are a basis of such activities, and next day only a headache and unpleasant memories about those who got drunk said something "tipsy".

The recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha" has prepared many entertainments for you! We have a cafe here as well, but besides all guests can obtain a large number of additional entertainments: fishing, gathering at a fire, walks, swimming in the river, platforms for holding corporate games, rent of bicycles, boats and sports equipment, Russian sauna and jacuzzi, brazier, comfortable lodges with all conveniences, and also many other things. Such idea of corporate rest will rally collective and will allow to build a strong team of experts who perfectly interact and take the hint of each other. Sporting events will allow to awaken desire to go to a victory and ability to work in collective as an important link of one general chain.

Make your rest the most pleasant, effective and useful and come to recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha " and you'll get the maximum of pleasure and positive!

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