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Excursions to Old Ladoga

Old Ladoga is a wonderful ancient land. Everything here is soaked with history, its layers literally accumulate one on another. People often visit Old Ladoga to find the real history of ancient Russia.

We will organize an excursion to Old Ladoga for guests of our recreation facility with pleasure. Upon your arrival you can already choose convenient date and time for a trip to fortress Old Ladoga, and we will take care of a convenient transfer and will in advance acquire necessary tickets to the museum for the necessary number of people.

There's a plenty of things to look at! Among them: the fortress – the most ancient pearl of the Old Ladoga memorial estate, Old Ladoga Uspensky monastery and Nikolsky monastery, a monument to Rurik and Prophetic Oleg, Gorchakovschinsky falls. Maybe one day is not enough to see the whole beauty of the Old Ladoga.

The Saint Georgy's church constructed in the twelfth century is also situated within the walls of the well-known Old Ladoga fortress. Popularity of church was brought by an unusual fresco with Saint George. This is the most ancient image of this Saint known at the moment. The church is a monument of UNESCO as the remained example of architecture of the premongolian period.

Monasteries of Old Ladoga – Uspensky and Nikolsky – are the monuments of ancient orthodox architecture - peacefully adjoin to the Prophetic Oleg's hills which remained since paganism here.

We will take care of that acquaintance to cultural heritage of Old Ladoga was comfortable for visitors of our facility. Enjoy excursions without cares!

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