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Gorchakovsky falls

You only have to drive 13 kilometers from the Old Ladoga and much less from our recreation facility to admire falls. You have to get to the village of Gorchakovshchina – by the way, the falls are named after it. The falls are also called Gorchakovshchinsky.

In order not to pass location of falls look for a table with rules of conduct in the nature protection Staroladozhsky complex. And there is a small pointer saying "Falls" on the turn. Through picturesque thickets safely move forward to the edge of a high breakaway. You are there!

 It is also possible to reach to falls on the boat down the river Volkhov – it takes 5 minutes. Make your choice)

The whole territory is reserved. And falls are its principal sight. The overall dimensions are also the reason of its popularity. Its height makes 4,5 - 5 meters – the most significant among all falls of the Leningrad Region.

Beautiful thicket of Gorchakovsky falls is directly in the wood. The waters of the small Lyubsha River, which name is well familiar to visitors of our recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya Dacha", form these falls – in its territory ruins of the Lyubshinsky ancient settlement remained. Our facility is really near the falls – on other side of the village of Gorchakovshchina.

Small roundabout maneuvre and there you are at the thicket of falls from sandstone. Water is  transparent and very pure – you can drink it. Many don't miss an opportunity to be photographed directly in falls – cool, but romantic!

In the summer many tourists want even to spend the night there, the place is picturesque – the wood, the coast of Volkhov, fishing. The comfortable lodging for the night on our recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya Dacha" - in the heart of reserved neighborhoods, absolutely near Gorchakovsky falls will become an alternative to tent romanticism. Only half hours' journey from St. Petersburg and you are in untouched corner of the Russian nature, which will always stay in your heart.

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