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Historical quests in Old Ladoga

The recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya Dacha" presents a brand new entertainment for experts on history and fans of adventures – quests! This active subject action will allow you to plunge into history, show your erudition, sharpness and speed of reaction. Participation in historical quests will be interesting for both adults and children, we have quests for any age group.

We suggest to the guests of the recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya Dacha" to take part in the following types of quests:

  • the quest "The lost earring" will be interesting for children of 6 years and older - it is a fascinating investigation with elements of archeological excavations; Participants of quest will pass a fascinating way of search of the lost earring of Lyubava- beauty, with whom the resident of the Ladoga lands once fell in love; The Quest has expected number of players from 4 to 10 people;


  • the adventure quest "The book of runes" will be perfect for teenagers aged from 16 years; At the heart of a plot – interpretation of the message of Prophetic Oleg, hidden in the ancient book of Runes; The one who will opens the code will have an opportunity to find a treasure; Tasks are difficult and participants should really do their best to open a riddle of each rune. Number of players – from 2 to 6 people;
  • the fascinating quest on erudition – "Legends of Ladoga" will be suitable for teenagers of 12 years and older; Old Ladoga is literally impregnated with history and keeps a set of secret signs, after finding them the participants will be able to solve mysteries of history. This is the quest with excursion elements covering the most interesting places of the ancient city;
  • for fans of extreme sports older than 18 years we suggest the fascinating quest on cars – "Heritage of ancestors"; Within the quest guests of our base will try to find a gilded coffin of Rurik which in days of the Great Patriotic War was looked for near Luga, and it, perhaps, is hidden on river banks of Volkhov! From 2 to 5 teams will search for it;

Choose the best option of such an adventure for yourself. With historical quests your rest on the recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya Dacha" will be unforgettable.

Advance booking is necessary. Call and book your quest: 9103552

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