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History of Staroladozhskaya Dacha

A well-known Lyubshansky ancient settlement – the stone and earth settlement of Slavic tribes was built at the end of the 7th – beginning of the 8th centuries in the territory of our base. Archeologists found remainings of an earth shaft of Lyubshinsky fortress in the seventies of last century. Fortress was constructed in the place of merge of the Volkhov River and the small Lyubsha River that gave name to this settlement. It is considered that fortress existed until the end of the 9th century and was abandoned at the time of shallowing of the Lyubsha River, and loss of the navigable and defensive status of construction. In case of archeological excavations at the end of the last century the set of interesting craft products, household items and jewelry was found here. Today guests of our recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya Dacha" can see ruins of Lyubshinsky fortress with own eyes - a part of a serf stone wall remained here.

But this is not the only story about this area. Later, the manor of Shakhovsky family was located here – earlier this residence belonged to the well-known noble family of Bestuzhev, but later was redeemed – at first by Konstantin Rybin who governed as a part of council of National bank, and later – Nikolay Shakhovsky. Acquisition of this manor wasn't accidental, Shakhovsky belonged to the old noble family related to Rurik in the XVIII degree.

In 1945 the ex-manor of princes Shakhovsky was given for the summer residence of the Leningrad regional union of artists. These places, amazing on the beauty, as well as possible met needs of painters. The fine landscapes were drawn here, Nikolai Roerich wrote about inspiring landscapes of Old Ladoga. Many Leningrad painters worked in post-war time in the house of artists "Old Ladoga". For 30 years this ancient estate was the home of the fine arts of the Leningrad Region. In 60-70th of the 20th century the building was reconstructed and allowed to receive guests all the year round.

Today it is still also beautiful and interesting in this wonderful historical place. Guests of our recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya Dacha" can fully estimate the picturesque woods stretched on the bank of the net and deep Volkhov River, see remainings of Lyubshinsky fortress, visit Old Ladoga and wander in places where the Leningrad artists looked for the inspiration.

We wait for you all the year round in cozy rooms and cottages of our base where you will be able not only to have a rest, but also to know unique history of the Volkhov district of the Leningrad Region better, having plunged into the special atmosphere of these places.

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