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History of the Nikolsky monastery

Historians indissolubly connect construction of the Nikolsky monastery with a name of the famous prince Alexander Nevsky. Date of foundation of the monastery is between 1240 to 1241 as then Alexander Nevsky ordered to build church in memory of the soldiers, who died in the Nevsky fight, on the bank of Volkhov, near Mount Pobedishche.

The monastery was not mentioned in annalistic sources till 1499, but archeological excavations in the seventies showed that under constructions of St. Nicholas Cathedral of the 17th century there are ruins of the cathedral constructed much earlier – approximately in the 12th century.

At the beginning of the 17th century the Nikolsky monastery in Old Ladoga became a shelter of monks from the Valaam Monastery destroyed by Swedes. Monks from the island of Valaam brought relics of venerable Saints Herman and Sergey here. But also the Nikolsky monastery was soon destroyed and ruined by troops of ruthless Swedish soldiers. After falling of the monastery in old Ladoga relics of Saints went to Novgorod, and monks went to Chernavino, to the Vasilyevsky monastery built on other river bank of Volkhov. Restoration of the Nikolsky monastery began since 1628.

In the XVIII century the monastery continued to experience difficulties. In spite of the fact that since 1714 it began to belong to Alexander Nevsky Lavra, it absolutely decayed, its constructions became so useless that monks had to huddle in the construction brought from the farmyard. In 1771 the monastery officially stopped the existence, having got under general reform about abolition of the church ancestral lands.

However inhabitants of Old Ladoga could defend the hallmark of the city, and at the beginning of the 19th century, thanks to petitions, the Nikolsky monastery revived the status again. Structures were restored, and in the middle of the XIX century the monastery even opened the free school for country children.

Despite closing of the monastery in 1927, it functioned for a long time as artel of fishers. Fortunately, valuable ancient frescos in John Chrysostom's temple in the monastery were safe.

New life of the Nikolsky monastery began in 2002, after its transfer to maintaining the orthodox diocese of the Northern Capital. Later here Nicholas The Wonderworker's relics appeared.

In the territory of the monastery you can examine two ancient temples – St. Nicholas Cathedral and John Chrysostom's cathedral mentioned above. And between them there is the bell tower of white color which was built up at the end of the 17th century. A fencing and gate of the monastery are one more local sight.

For guests of our recreation facility we with pleasure organize a transfer for survey of beauty of the Nikolsky monastery in Old Ladoga. Do not miss an opportunity to touch history!

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