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History of the Sacred Uspensky monastery

The date of foundation of this monastery is 1156. It is interesting that except local "pearl" – cathedral of the Dormition of the Theotokos, built in the 12th century, other constructions of monastery appeared much later – in the 19th century, and many famous architects were involved into their construction.

At the time of the Swedish invasion the Sacred Uspensky monastery, as well as many others, was destroyed. Also the next monastery – Nikolsky monastery was ruined. In 1617 the Cathedral of the Dormition of the Theotokos was consecrated again.

The Sacred Uspensky monastery is permanently connected with Eudoxia Lopukhina's history. This queen who got to disgrace was the first spouse of Peter I. The history of their relationship is filled with secrets, however as a result the queen was banished to the monastery in Suzdal and then to Old Ladoga. After going into convent she was named Elena. The former queen spent seven years there.

The new era of life of the monastery began in 1823, when the new temple – church of Erection of the Honest and Life-giving Cross Dominical, the house on the river bank, new gate, the bath serving as laundry, and a so-called refectory appeared in perimeter of monastery. In the built-up temple there lived nuns of old age in 20 cells.

Over time the monastery began to fall into decay, buildings decayed and naturally there was a question of preservation and restoration of this monument of Old Russian culture and architecture. The frescos which remained in the temple of the Dormition of the Theotokos are still sign heritage of orthodox culture. To restore the temple and the monastery in general, it was taken under the aegis by the orthodox diocese of St. Petersburg. And since 2005 the majority of constructions of monastery were restored -  cells, blocks, refectory, vehicular, monastic kitchen. Guests of the monastery can see all these buildings with own eyes.

All visitors of Sacred Uspensky monastery note the special atmosphere and beauty of this place. For guests of our recreation facility we are ready to organize a transfer directly here, to one of the main historical sights of Old Ladoga.

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