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History of the Volkhov hydroelectric power station. Miracles are just around!

The Volkhov River is one of the longest in our corner of the world – its extent is more than 200 kilometers. It is no wonder that with development of power researchers thought how to use power of this river. The river was famous for thresholds which significantly prevented navigation on it. At the end of the 19th century the research of the Volkhov River from the point of view of power became more intense, and in 1912 the plan of production of energy and optimization of navigation was prepared by Heinrich Graftio.

Graftio created the engineering plan of construction thanks to which the delivery of electrical energy to St. Petersburg was possible. The power plant was supposed to have 60 horsepowers. Then the lock model was developed to facilitate circulation of vessels down the river Volkhov.

Thus, authors created the project capable to solve two possible problems at once – the first on supply of the Northern Capital with the inexpensive electric power, and the second – to strengthen river ways for delivery of loads to St. Petersburg thanks to reconstruction of rapids part of the river.

However the project was implemented only after the Great October revolution when Lenin became interested in construction of the Volkhov hydroelectric power station. Graftio created the estimate of construction works and in 1918 the project on construction of the Volkhov hydroelectric power station was approved. And in 1919 construction of power plant was started.

And though the situation in the country didn't allow to conduct construction in high gear, it continued and on December 19, 1926 the station was put into operation. A part of the equipment of hydroelectric power station was put by the Elektrosila plant though at that time the majority of the necessary equipment was made only abroad and was delivered from there.

In days of the Great Patriotic War the Volkhov hydroelectric power station played one of key roles in recovery of power supply of Leningrad.

After execution of the important role in the years of blockade, the power plant didn't lose the value and today plays a major role in supply of settlements of the Leningrad Region with the electric power. It enters the so-called cascade of the Ladoga hydroelectric power stations and in 2016 celebrated the 90th anniversary.

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