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Legends of Old Ladoga: where did Rurik govern?

Key figure of the old Ladoga legends – the founder of Russia – Rurik. he started to govern in 862 and it is considered the period of origin of Old Russian statehood. Appearance of Rurik on these lands is shrouded by a set of secrets. A number of scientists believes that the beginning of the Principality of Rurik occurred in Novgorod, however the version about his reigning in Old Ladoga has appeared later.

"Tale of Bygone Years" says that Rurik's family led by him and also families of his brothers Truvor and Sineus, were invited to govern on Russian lands, which suffered from disorders. The tale claimed that Rurik was called on reigning to Novgorod. According to modern researches Rurik was Scandinavian, as it is written in "Norman theory".

During the long fights between scientists the conclusion has been drawn that the first capital for Rurik to govern was not Novgorod, but Old Ladoga, then just Ladoga, the settlement on the river bank. Then in this place the first fortress made of tree was put.

Further Rurik went to Novgorod and stayed there up to death in 879, having left the successor Oleg who is often mistakenly recognized as the ancestor of the Russian ruling dynasty. Actually until the end of the 16th century in Russia Rurik's descendants – Rurik dynasty governed.

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