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Lyubsha fortress

One of them – the modern city Old Ladoga, the former Old Ladoga fortress is widely known to the public and loved by tourists, and  ruins of not less interesting ancient construction Lyubsha fortress remained here in the territory of our recreation facility.

For the first time the remains of Lyubshinsky fortress were found in the mouth of the Volkhov river near the Old Ladoga fortress in the seventies of last century. Then archeologists gave the Lyubshinsky fortress its name, because it is situated near the Lyubsha River that flows into Volkhov.

The fortress was constructed in the end of the 7th - beginning of the 8th centuries and is one of the oldest monuments of stone and earth construction not only in Russia, but also in Europe. Most likely stone fortress was constructed and inhabited by representatives of the Ladoga Slavs. Initially Finno-Ugric tribes were based here. There are several versions of why fortress stopped the existence approximately in the 9th century. Perhaps, shallowing of the Lyubsha River on which it was constructed was the cause of disappearance of fortress.

In the territory of our base "Staroladozhskaya Dacha" you will be able to see stone ruins of the Lyubsha fortress. During excavation at the end of the last century the set of objects was collected and it allows to gather a lot of information about the tribes inhabiting these places and their crafts.

The Lyubsha fortress was completely investigated by the Russian archeologists in the late nineties of the last century, the research took more than five years! Finds of archeologists were very various - casting molds, pottery, jewelry of glass and metal. Having a rest on our base, you will be able to closely touch Old Russian culture, expand the knowledge and carry away your children with history and archeology.

Now it is possible to see some remains of fortifications near the recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya Dacha". The remains of fortress of Lyubsha keep the moments of history of our country even before formation of the Old Russian state therefore resting here you will be able to visit its ruins.

Rest at "Staroladozhskaya Dacha" is not only escape to the country, but also an opportunity to know our history better.

We wait for you all the year round in one of the most interesting places of the Leningrad Region!

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