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Old Ladoga in figures – from foundation to the present

In the Volkhov district of the Leningrad Region, where our comfortable recreation facility is located, there is a village of Old Ladoga – the place with a fascinating story. There is an opinion that exactly there was the first capital of the Old Russian state. Let's walk together on the main milestones of history of Old Ladoga to learn about it more.

The first mentions of this ancient city (till 1704 the village Old Ladoga carried the status of the city, and was called just Ladoga) are dated 862. Then, according to data of the chronicle, for board on Russian lands three brothers Varangians, three Ryurik, the senior remained to govern where today there is Old Ladoga, have been called. According to one version he has also founded this settlement, which further became one of the key cities of Ancient Russia, and on another – only strengthened and broadened the city existing here approximately since 753. However, despite a successful arrangement of the city, it was the capital only about 3 years, after that Rurik moved to the Lake Ilmen and founded Novgorod.

The end of the 9th century in Old Ladoga is connected with the beginning of construction of stone fortress. This period of history of the city is inseparably linked with the name of Prophetic Oleg who is buried in one of the well-known barrows located directly opposite to recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya Dacha" on the opposite bank of the Volkhov river.

At the beginning of the XII century, in 1114, building of new stone strengthening began here. Then in Ladoga the posadnik Pavel governs, and the city finds glory of one of the main trade points in Russia. Besides trade crafts actively develop in Ladoga.

In 1164 fortress underwent a siege of Swedes which, however, failed. In the same time in perimeter of fortifications construction of the temple of Saint Georgy began. In 1313 aggressors repeated storm, however couldn't settle in fortress, and in 1338 tried to occupy the city again.

In 1495 fortress in Old Ladoga was reconstructed and got new towers – there were five towers at that time.

In the years of the Livonian war (1581 - 1582) Swedes again persistently attacked fortress, however couldn't capture it.

In 1584 - 1585 the southernmost tip of fortress was completed. New strengthenings got the name "Earth City".

At the beginning of XVII in century, in the period of the time of troubles fortress has been captured by the French and the whole 7 years was in power of landskrona.

Swedes attacked fortress in 1701 last time, and in a year Ladoga became the headquarters of the Russian soldiers who participated in a siege of Noteburg. Since 1704 all active trade by order of Peter moved to New Ladoga, the city got the name of Old Ladoga and gradually began to give in, and to the end of the 19th century turned into the lonely village.

Revival and reconstruction of Old Ladoga began in the twenties of the last century.

Today guests of recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya Dacha" with pleasure explore Old Ladoga, studying the fortress, churches and walking on the beautiful embankment. Not without reason Old Ladoga is one of the main sights of the Volkhov district and the Leningrad Region in general.

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