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Opening of the "Staroladozhskaya dacha " cafe!

We are happy to surprise and please our constant guests and those who plan to visit recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha" for the first time.

It is known that outdoor recreation promotes not only increase in immunity, but also... appetite! And it is so hard to think every day what to cook and appetite outdoors is stronger. We took care of this problem, so that nothing would distract you from the real rest.

From now you can not only enjoy your rest in "Staroladozhskaya dacha", but also to eat tasty food cooked with love. Our cozy cafe waits for you any time.

And we are ready to offer not only organization of big banquets on wedding or anniversary. Now you can have breakfast or dinner there. Complex lunches, the most tasty and nutritious breakfasts for those who wake up early, the real home-cooked cuisine for dinner for those who doesn't want to go to bed hungry. And if you want to get all the pleasures, you can order a full board with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But still there is more to come! If you don't like complex lunches and want to choose something on your own, we now have a buffet. You can choose anything without worrying about the fact that you paid a full lunch and ate only a half and only because you, for example, don't like borshch.  

And for those, who really loves food, we can set the table in your cottage.

If you have a big company and you want to gather fro lunch, we have a banquet room, here we serve up to 40 people!

And for a dessert! You can't refuse this! At your request we will not only cook dishes and serve them to your guests, we will make a cake for your occasion in accord with your original idea.

And the most pleasant part! Our prices: breakfast - 200 rubles, lunch - 300 rubles, dinner - 300 rubles, full board - 800 rubles, banquets in cottages - from 500 rubles per person.

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