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Paintball in the Leningrad Region

We have a magnificent offer for you on the organization of paintball game in the Leningrad region! We can organize games for a small company of 4 people, and for a corporate holiday up to 50 people. An adrenaline splash, a cheerfulness charge, an opportunity to plunge into the world of competition and splash out fatigue and aggression. There are almost no restrictions. It is possible to play with only one more person, but playing in a group is much more exciting. If someone thinks it is boring and monotonous, he hasn't played real paintball. We are ready to offer you the mass of different scenarios for a hazardous duel: target shooting, "line fight", "elimination game", for a flag and a great number of others, including those you create. 

The paintball in the Leningrad region outdoors is not just sport, this is a real adventure with the subject line. The strongest is not the obvious leader: physical training doesn't take the first place therefore the paintball doesn't demand physical training from you. The most cunning and patient wins. Paintball demands from you the ability to plan and wait and a little bit of good luck. And in the result you get magnificent mood and elimination of stress, this game helps better than any antidepressants. A pleasant bonus — your strengthened immunity!

So, if you have a desire to play alone or in a company, call us and we will organize everything on the highest level: 910-35-52

Two most important rules:

- don't unmask before the termination of a duel;

- children of 10 years are allowed to a game under supervision of adults.

The cost of a basic set for paintball- 1300 rubles.

This basic package includes:

- ammunition and weapon (cylinder and marker, set of five hundred balls with paint)

- protective clothes,

- gloves and mask,

- instructing before the game

- judicial team on demand.

It is possible to add basic set for an additional fee:

each ball costs 1,50 rub (charge is free).

Game time isn't limited.

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