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Perfect autumn vacation outdoors

Preparation for the 1st of September ended, new academic year has begun, and parents of pupils already think about the next issue – where to spend autumn vacation with children, which will start very soon? A trip to the sea is not always an option because of high cost and acclimatization, rest in the city will hardly be able to load the child with energy, so necessary before long winter. But active vacation in the countryside on comfortable recreation facility is an optimal option both for parents and children. 

The recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya Dacha" located in a cozy corner of the Leningrad Region has already become the favorite venue of autumn vacation for many families from St. Petersburg and other cities. There is no wonder, because here everyone will find something fun to do. In the fall on base it is possible to walk, climb along the fascinating rope town, go to the wood or fishing – the Volkhov River, on which our country complex is situated, is famous for a various and rich catch. 

Adult guests of base will definitely like fishing on the coast and from the boat (the boat hire works at base) and also organize the real fishing tournaments and photoshoots with trophies.

To make the rest at "Staroladozhskaya Dacha" as comfortable as possible, we provide convenient placement for families of different sizes. You can rest, as in the cozy room of hotel in which, by the way, there is free Wi-fi, billiards and nursery with a set of entertainments and also cafe with the various menu, or in spacious cottages, with several bedrooms, ware, kitchen, braziers and other equipment, necessary for rest.

The Volkhov district, where the recreation facility is located, is famous for rich history. It will be interesting to guests of school age to go to an excursion to Old Ladoga, the Volkhov reservoir or the museum of history of the area. We will be glad to help with the organization of a transfer.

Fascinating quests and master classes for children are one more popular type of activity on recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya Dacha". Our quests allow not only to cheerfully spend time in the fresh air, but also to learn more about country stories.

Take care of spending autumn vacation with advantage already today! Don't wait for October, book rooms and cottages and come to us. Hope to see you on vacation!

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