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Rent a cottage in the Leningrad region

What can be better than relaxing in the lap of nature in the Middle zone of our country? Of course, there are different resorts in warm climates. But it's only two or three weeks. And summer is a few weeks is not the end. And when else, if not in the summer, to obtain cheerfulness from the Sunny days that are so poor, our Russian nature. In a busy city? Among the glass and concrete of the bridge? Of course not. For the summer there is a solution: rent a cottage in the Leningrad region for the weekend. All weekend surrounded by nature, vitamins, fresh air near the city, in an oasis of peace and tranquility. The green colors of summer disappear quickly, and need to hurry to where the blue ribbon of the river cuts through the coast, where pristine forests give its fruits, mushrooms and berries, where you will awaken to birdsong and not the buzz of a lawn mower outside my window.

коттедж в ленинградской области

The base of rest "the old Ladoga cottage" offers the possibility to rent a cottage in the Leningrad region for the weekend and beyond. We can relax the whole company, and together, you can come here to relax with the kids. We offer you to witness the beauty of lake Ladoga,to spend the summer days not only to improve health and strengthen the immune system in anticipation of autumn rains, but also an extensive program exploring ancient native culture. If you have any desire to rent a cottage in the Leningrad region for the weekend — better than our recreation. We have our own approach to the river, to the great old Russian Volkhov river, the ancient merchant route linking the ancient cities of Russia. Only 15 metres in front of you and the dark waters of a wide river. To plunge into them, as of old fishing or just to cross on the boat — all in your hands. We will provide everything you need: the boat, fishing tackle. Warm summer day you can look around the surroundings while Cycling, the bikes we provide. And if you don't want to pedal, we have a bus ride longer distances. You immerse yourself in the world of ancient Ladoga fortresses, stroll along the oldest street of Russia, visit the mounds and mounds of ancient princes. The base of rest "the old Ladoga dacha" is situated near the place of ancient settlers, Lublinski settlement. For a thousand years the place of recreation "Staraya Ladoga dacha" lived and welcomed people. And ancient Russians place to live was not easy, but with intelligence and discretion. Perhaps, and here they were right. For fans of historical reconstruction will not find a better way to plunge into the world of the past than to rent a cottage in the Leningrad region for the weekend here. Since it is here that the annual festival "Ladoga", it was here, near recreation unfurl your sails and banners of ancient castles and resume the long-past battle, here rattling weapons and armor of the ancient warriors of the Russian land.

Rent a cottage in the Leningrad region for the weekend is the best choice for the urban dweller. It doesn't take much to plan a vacation to get to the vacation spot is just a couple of hours by car, and about the same time on the train and from the train station if you wish, we will arrange the transfer.

And not only holidays! Rent a cottage in the Leningrad region on the weekend isn't just for vacation! Because here you can celebrate a wedding, mark an anniversary, to go on holidays. For honeymooners we even have a special VIP room where they can retire, and offers cosy private houses.

If you decide to leave a friendly work team — we will offer not only placing a big company, but what to do during the weekend, we've got the inventory for the corporate games. And what could be better to rally the team, make it a happy family than a joint thing.

And of course! Of course, creative Muse who is capricious, which is easy to frighten away any clumsy word or sound — to rent a cottage in the Leningrad region for the weekend a real event. Secluded, beautiful house of the artist tenderly shelter the vulnerable creative nature, hide her away from the loud and flashy world. How do I know, maybe it was here, he would be able to create your best works: write music or poetry, or create an architectural project.

Rent a cottage in the Leningrad region for the weekend is easy, convenient and the most profitable. Our specialists will take your order over the phone.

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