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Rest for two in the Leningrad region

In the city we practically don't manage to stay alone with the soulmate. And time goes and carries away such precious minutes of joint rest where you could make each other new pleasant surprises, open in each other something new. Family life often breaks a routine of daily cares. It should be updated. It is necessary to run away from this noisy, hurrying world, to steal your half from it.


The recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya Dacha" offers summer holiday for two in the Leningrad region. Pleasant cozy room, majestic silent nature, environment of the most picturesque landscapes and silence where you can hear "souls speak". Rest for two in the Leningrad region will update your relations, will refresh them with new impressions, will add paints and memoirs. 

Cozy room for two where you will be inaccessible for anybody. Only you and your soulmate. With all conveniences, with all necessary household appliances and utensils. The fine atmosphere with the muffled half tones in the room, privacy, joint foot and bicycle walks on country roads, driving in the boat at sunset. A bath on firewood and shish kebab. All this as well as possible will update your family life, and after such rest your love will become even stronger, you will long remember minutes of magnificent charming communication. If nevertheless it appears not enough and you want to carry out summer holiday for two in the Leningrad region actively, we will suggest to join team and to play paintball or to register for excursion in places of ancient Russia. 

Your summer holiday for two in the Leningrad region shouldn't be burdened by daily house efforts. Therefore for you our cafe is always opened. Fine breakfasts, lunches and dinners, dishes to order from our chef. An opportunity to celebrate a wedding anniversary in our cafe. All this is possible on recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya Dacha". 

Summer holiday for two in the Leningrad region will allow to leave all household trifles far in the city and enjoy each other. 

You'll be glad to come back to our cozy rooms, to our hospitable owners again and again. Rest for two on recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya Dacha" will become your good habit.  Additional services on recreation facility:

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