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Rest in Old Ladoga

If national history is interesting for you, then Old Ladoga deserves to be visited. If you plan rest in Old Ladoga for the end of the academic year, then you'll have a chance to visit school students' event "Craftsmen" (Craft people). The festival of historical reconstruction in Ladoga is held every summer.

Rest in Old Ladoga is an opportunity to get acquainted with the stone fortress located at a confluence of the river Ladozhka into Volkhov. Even today fortress strikes with severe beauty and power. Thickness of walls reaches 7 meters, height of towers - from 7 to 12 meters. The history of this fortress is worth knowing! According to scientists, the first protective construction - an earth shaft with tyny of thick logs was constructed here in the 7-8th centuries.

And the first wooden fortress was put in Old Ladoga in 862. As it is specified in "the Tale of Bygone Years", Rurik with brothers Sineus and Truvor made it.

The Ladoga fortress gained the stone shape in time of Prophetic Oleg. Then it assigned a part of the defender of the waterway from the Baltic Sea deep into to the Novgorod Russia. The riddle over which historians still argue is the place of burial of Prophetic Oleg. According to the Novgorod chronicler, the prince found eternal rest in Old Ladoga. However the Kiev historical diplomas contain instructions on the fact that Prophetic Oleg's grave is on the mountain Shchekovitsa in Kiev …

Later the Ladoga fortress was destroyed. It was succeeded to restore it only in the XII century. Later fortress was repeatedly reconstructed with strengthening of the walls.

Rest in Old Ladoga will allow you to visit the temple included into the List of the World heritage of UNESCO. The cathedral is devoted to Saint Georg. It was constructed in memory of a multi-day siege of the Ladoga fortress by the Swedish troops. Unique frescos remained in this premongolian temple up to now. The most known of them is "St. Genus and the Dragon". This fresco is considered to be the most ancient image of George known today.

Later Ladoga lost value border the city guards, and today the main richness of the village is its history and numerous monuments. "Staroladozhskaya dacha" located nearby invites guests to visit this amazing place. They have an opportunity to get acquainted independently with sights of Old Ladoga or to order an excursion. It is possible to pray to orthodox shrines in the Nikolsky monastery and the Old Ladoga Uspensky monastery operating today.

Anyway, you will keep the memory of this corner of Russia filled with history forever.

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