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Rest in Old Ladoga

The recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha" in the Leningrad region invites people interested to have a rest in cozy cottages on the river bank of Volkhov.

Rest in Old Ladoga is a combination of century old times of the Russian Land and modern accommodation that will leave nobody indifferent. The wide waters of Volkhov will take off fatigue of city everyday life, summer evenings outdoors filled with romanticism of the white nights will remind you of the forgotten feelings of slow sentimentality long ago, the environment of monuments of the Russian architecture will give special color to your rest.

We offer rest in Old Ladoga with accommodation in the cottages for two and more people. Cottages are equipped with necessities, such as ware for 6 and more people, bed linen, towels, slippers, washing machines and of course a recreation area in front of the cottage.


Rental of recreation facility will provide you all necessary to make your suitcases smaller. There will be a fishing equipment of any kinds, playground, rowboats for water walks at sunset and a complex for team building. The landscape of "Staroladozhskaya dacha" invites you to walk on air and if you don't like walking, hire bicycles.

Rest in Old Ladoga will be unique, as the Leningrad region is very rich with culture monuments. The recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha" will organize excursions by bus for eight people in historical places of Old Ladoga. They will open the forgotten pages of history for you. The fortress Old Ladoga admires its reflection in the Volkhov river for about a thousand years already. It keeps memory of the prince Rurik who based it with brothers Truvor and Sineus. It remembers Prophetic Oleg, according to the legend he also passed away here and still to this day it is possible to see a barrow of the 8th century. Fortress will tell also about cruel fights of the Russian Land against Swedes, about a mighty victory of the Russian spirit. The excursion to Old Ladoga won't leave you indifferent: neither adult, nor child. This trip is definitely going to be unique. St.George's church nearby store inside a unique icon "St. Genus and the Dragon" dated the 12th century. For today this is the earliest image of St.George. For the sake of this one icon, there are few such icons from that time in the world, the whole museum is organized.

But even if for one reason or another you won't find an opportunity to visit a monument of Old Russian architecture and iconography, you'll still meet history in our facility. Staroladozhskaya dacha is in several meters from the ancient settlement of Ruthenians — the Lyubshinsky ancient settlement. Archeologists estimate the beginning of the Lyubshinsky ancient settlement in the 7-8 centuries. The earth overfilled with century history will be near you even if you won't wish to leave our facility.

Right there nearby takes place the annual Ladoga festival of reconstruction. Rest in Old Ladoga will bring history to life, and it will appear in faces of modern people in suits, weapons, in the harbor on Volkhov, dishes, crafts. You will be able to watch races on rowboats down the river. As they say, if you don't go to the ancient Russian state, then the Old Russian state will come to you.

Everything is soaked with history here. If you happen to visit Old Ladoga you'll surely find Varyazhskaya Street there. Don't be deceived by its plain look. It is the most ancient of the known streets in Russia, by the way, leaving it throw a coin in a beak of a bronze falcon and make a wish. And Varyazhskaya Street will bring you directly to the Uspensky monastery where the first wife of Peter I was once held.

One more monastery, Nikolsky, was established by Alexander Nevsky.

Rest in Old Ladoga is a find for the beginning stalkers. Surely visit the well-known Ladoga caves. They were created artificially and it intrigues. One of caves, Tanechkina is more than 7 kilometers long and has a Gothic exotic inside: bats and even underground lake. But you shouldn't go there without specially trained guides.

Fans of the modern art surely should visit recently opened monument to Rurik and Oleg. Interesting fact: opening of a monument was visited by that Rurik's descendant, prince Shakhovskoy. The rest in Old Ladoga is not all about beautiful landscapes, comfortable rooms, fishing and walks by bicycles. It brings a lot of new impressions.

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