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Rest in the Leningrad region with Russian sauna

You wonder where to spend the next weekend? Tried everything? There is a good guaranteed type of rest in the Leningrad region with Russian sauna, shish kebabs, nice conversation in the evening at a fireplace. You don't need a special occasion to organize weekend in the Leningrad region with Russian sauna. I don't think there are any Russians who wouldn't like to take a steam bath properly. And on the bank of Volkhov where you can plunge into the river after sitting in a steam room... The recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha" invites you in cozy lodges on the river bank surrounded by the wild Russian nature.

You can organize bachelor party, wedding, birthday, anniversary or anything else cheap and not far from your home.

Enough of students' time of tents, we all appreciate comfort and cosiness, but sometimes we just want to rush away from city to the nature. With no neighbors knocking on a wall with the requirement to make music not so loud, where it is possible to relax and have a rest.

Rest is impossible without Russian sauna in accord with ancient Russian tradition. we clean both body and soul there. Modern scientists proved advantage of a steam room for all organism and for nervous and immune systems. Therefore the recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha" offers you rest in the Leningrad region with the Russian sauna. The real Russian sauna will expel all old city illness from your body and literally fill you with new forces. And the nature will fill your soul with joy, because our facility is situated there.

On recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha" you will be able to enjoy country rest.

Here you will find all you may want: fishermen — fishing, fishing tackles and rods, lovers — double room, big company - big house for everyone, athletes — bicycles and bicycle walks, intellectuals — historical vicinities and new knowledge of life of Ancient Russia. And in the evening all of them will be united by the Russian sauna. Therefore we offer not just rest, but rest in the Leningrad region with Russian sauna, which is loved by both athletes, and intellectuals.

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