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Rest with children on autumn vacation in 2016

The time of autumn vacation at school is not only most beautiful season, it is a peculiar reset and updating of forces before long winter for school students. Children's rest on autumn vacation in 2016 has to help your children to have a rest emotionally, to be exempted from a strict school daily routine, to get new impressions.

In the period of school vacation (and not only in this period) "Staroladozhskaya dacha" will greet groups of children accompanied by adults. We suggest to book duplex for the big companies. Each duplex is build of two separate lodges, united by one roof, equipped with everything you may need: from towels to the washing machine. Children's rest on autumn vacation in 2016 can be economical. The recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha" makes discounts for duplexes at this time: for the period of working week (5 days) - 17500 rubles, for full calendar week (7 days) - 24 500 rubles.

Children's rest on autumn vacation in 2016 may be unusual, both interesting, and really useful. Outdoor recreation, in the open air is a basis and guarantee of health of any person, children can unforgettably spend days with the assistance of adults. A military and sports game which we all know under the name "Summer lightning" will be held here in autumn. We hope that adults remember this game and will be able to acquaint school students with it. If you consider that "Summer lightning" became outdated, then children's rest on autumn vacation in 2016 will prove you are wrong confirming to all requirements of present days, and if you prefer team building games, then you can you equipment for it and a special place for it.

Rest with children on autumn vacation in 2016 is not only fresh air and new impressions. It brings expansion of your knowledge. The recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha" will organize one-day excursions for the guests. The subject of excursions will be interesting to everyone as it is a live history of Ancient Russia, history which surrounds recreation facility as each centimeter of the river bank of Volkhov is soaked with aroma of centuries.

Children's rest on autumn vacation 1n 2016 in recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha" will strengthen health of the school student, allow to be discharged emotionally and also will enrich with new impressions.

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