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Shakhovsky manor

During the different periods historical and cultural objects with interest studied by researchers were located here.

The house of artists which was located in Shakhovsky manor (princes from an old Russian family) functioned here for a long time.

The family of Shakhovsky originated from Rurik's family – the ancestor of Ryurik dynasty. The Yaroslavl voivode prince Konstantin Glebovich, known as Shah was the founder of Shakhovsky family. Based on this nickname the family also got the surname.

The Shakhovsky family was divided further into eight large branches. One of descendants of this family Nikolay Ivanovich Shakhovsky also purchased the former Bestuzhev-Ryumin manor near the city Old Ladoga on the opposite river bank of Volkhov, where now our recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha" is based. Initially the manor was purchased by Konstantin Alekseyevich Rybin, and subsequently by Nikolay Shakhovsky. So the country residence got its new owners and still keeps their name. Till the 17th century many Shakhovsky family memebers had the surname Shemyakin, by name of Alexander Shemyakin.

Shakhovsky manor was built on the same land as Lyubshinsky fortress – one of ancient Old Russian settlements. The residence of princes consisted of several houses and also economic constructions on the high river bank of Volkhov. From there the beautiful view of the Volkhov River and monasteries Nikolsky and Uspensky and also Nikolay Predtecha church can be seen. Guests of our base can also still admire this beautiful view, spending vacation and days off here. Further this place served as inspiration for many artists, who worked here after war and revolution, when the manor was transformed to the summer residence of the Union of Artists of the Leningrad Region.

The opportunity to touch fine arts, learn more about historical and cultural heritage of our country – one more unconditional plus of rest at "Staroladozhskaya dacha" with friends, family and children.

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