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Sights of the city of Volkhov

The town was built as the place of residence of founders of the Volkhov hydroelectric power station, on the place to the Zvanka station founded in 1904, which was called this way compliant with nearby village. The Volkhov hydroelectric power station was under construction the whole eight years and was the first such a large power object in our country. Initially the city was called Volkhovstry in honor of a profession of its inhabitants. And only in 1940 it was renamed into Volkhov. By the way, during the war in vicinities of Volkhov victorious fight of our army with army of fascist Germany took place.

The Volkhov hydroelectric power station remains local sight also today. The famous architect Heinrich Graftio built it, and externally it looks very adequately. This construction is far from boring Soviet architecture. By the way, the dam of hydroelectric power station was designed and constructed to make influence on a natural landscape. We organize tours to Volkhov hydroelectric power station tours, which will be for certain interesting to both adult and young guests of our base.

Volkhov is also famous with the Museum of merchant life, its second name is not less known – the House of merchants Kalyaziny. The museum consists of two buildings – one is constructed of a stone, the second is wooden - furniture visually illustrates everyday life of merchants and shows objects of their use.

One more local museum – the Museum of history of the city is very symbolically open in the house of the architect Graftio, the architect of Volkhov hydroelectric power station.

The Storozhensky Beacon in situated in Sviritsy near to Volkhov and is well-known thanks to the height. It makes 71 meter, and the beacon by right belongs to one of the most considerable beacons on height in Europe. And it looks very picturesquely. The very first beacon on this place was built in far 1800, then it was reconstructed more than once. For visitors of the beacon the hospitable inspector is always ready to give keys from a ladder to get to the very top.

And fans of ancient architecture by all means should go to the Old Ladoga, next to Volkhov, – here you will see the majestic fortress, monasteries and churches with ancient frescos.

For guests of our base we are glad to organize a transfer to one of the most interesting settlements of the Leningrad Region – the city of Volkhov.

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