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Summer rest in the Leningrad region

There is a set of magnificent places for country rest in the Leningrad region. One will meet you by amazing platforms for camping, others – impassable woods rich with mushrooms and berry, and the third - will reveal to you secrets of lake depths and breadth of the rivers. Generally, you need to find your place. But there is one place in the Leningrad region which combines everything we just mentioned. The widest ancient good old Volkhov rich with fish, and the fine century woods meeting the traveler with cool breeze and beautiful modern equipped platforms for camping and fishing, and cozy lodges full of comfort and modern equipment. And this place is called recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya Dacha".


Rest in the Leningrad region on recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya Dacha" in summer is an unforgettable and unique rest on a nature bosom with all city conveniences. 

Rest in the Leningrad region in the summer is a combination of primitive call to nature and cosiness of the 21st century, with its wi-fi, jacuzzi and other necessary additions. 

And, of course, rest in the Leningrad region on recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya Dacha" is a  country rest and an opportunity to try new sports, and an opportunity to indulge yourself with hobbies. 

Everyone will like this place. We reserved rods and boats for fishermen, for fans of cycling – bicycles, for those who appreciate self-development – excursion tours across places of history of Russia combined with the fine nature. The main part of excursions – the museums under the open sky. If you'd like not only to see old times but also to visit it, we will reserve cottages during the Old Ladoga festival. Shipbuilders place ancient boats in the summer near recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya Dacha" and countrywomen in exotic dresses walk along the streets. And all this near you.

We recommend our bath with font, brazier for those, who just want to have a rest, forget about everything and distract. And the military and sports game "Paintball" is at your service to reduce stress and tension! 

Rest in the Leningrad region on recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya Dacha" will also suit married couples with children, newlyweds, big companies and group of employees. We have lodges for a privacy, the Artist's Lodge, dual cottages "Duplex" for the big companies united by the general drawing room and a fireplace, VIP-rooms for newlyweds and newly married, hotel rooms.  More details about accommodation:

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