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Summer vacation in the Leningrad region

Summer is probably the most awaited time of the year in our country. The most interesting and beautiful in our lives comes with summer: from the pores of the school holidays, until then the summer holidays. Unfortunately, with age, the charm of three favorite months of the year is lost. Vacations do not always give in the summer, relax in the bustling city is not so easy, because rest is the time when you don't have to go to work, but also an indescribable sense of adventure. Of course, you can go abroad, but the visa, international passport, long fees, long waiting at the airport - all this rather makes summer is not an adventure but a burden. If you understand this, then definitely it's time to try something new, namely: a summer vacation in the Leningrad region.

Summer vacation in the Leningrad region more and more popular. And rightly so. Summer vacation in the Leningrad region is the rest, which is necessary for the modern Russian man. Cheap, close and dear, which allows it to relax and unwind without a protracted period of acclimatization and tablets, relieving pressure surges.

Summer vacation in the Leningrad region is so good that you don't need to change anything or take a long time to plan or postpone amount of money. Simply book a cabin on a river and relax, without annoying tour guides and lunch on schedule. Isolated cottage at the recreation center "Staraya Ladoga dacha" you will finally get the chance to relax and be myself. Our cottages have everything for your comfort: you can walk where you want, Breakfast and lunch, when deemed necessary, because in the houses there is even a stove and kitchenware that you have prepared yourself what you want.

You don't have from dawn to dusk to be on the beach. We have everything to make your holiday varied and enriching it with new experiences.

Summer vacation in the Leningrad region for many people is unthinkable without fishing. Rentals of the recreation center "Staraya Ladoga cottage" has everything for fishing from rods and hooks to boats. And how often do you fish in Volkhov? In the Volkhov river, which fed different fish food is still the great Russian princes. Wide and mighty, the Volkhov is still not impoverished, and he has something to please fans of fishing. Since ancient times in Volkhov and Ladoga lake were catching sturgeon, the Royal fish. You will, though not very large. But even if this does not happen, Volkhov will find something to gift you.

But the river is not only to catch fish. Beautiful romantic evening, the splash of oars is heard far away on the river — it is also a chance to return the warmth and tenderness the first years of marriage for couples.

Lovers of Antiques Volkhov will give the delicacy festival "Staraya Ladoga". The base of rest "dacha Staraya Ladoga" is located in the centre of the reconstruction of ancient life. Vintage rook times a year down around our cottages in the dark water, well done raise the sails and set up the old takelage on a camping trip "From the Varangians to the Greeks".

Themselves neighborhood base of rest "dacha Staraya Ladoga" Museum under the open sky. Summer vacation in the Leningrad region will become not only easy and fascinating, but also informative. You touch the noble walls of century-old castles, visit the ancient burial mounds of the princes. By bike, you can rent directly at the rental base, you can visit the ancient settlement of Russians will be able to explore centuries of settlement and, who knows, maybe you'll find something valuable.

Summer vacation in the Leningrad region it is always of vitamins, which gives us the earth. Beautiful forests around the base of rest "dacha Staraya Ladoga" will open their arms for a green mushroom. A taste of childhood — blueberries! Just a storehouse of vitamins. For a long time if you eat right from the Bush? In recent years, probably only in the store bought?

Booking a cottage on the Bank of the Volkhov, you can not go anywhere and not to fish and just enjoy the beauty of nature from your cozy house. Alone or with your family, Satomi in the evening at the entrance to the house is a grill for barbecue.

Summer vacation in the Leningrad region can be not only quiet and peaceful, but noisy, with a large company. On the basis of rest "the old Ladoga dacha" you will be able to spend the weekend with all of his team or large family. For the celebration for a large number of people we will find the veranda. And if it's a wedding, then the newlyweds will have to wait a cosy room for two, where they can be alone together.

Yes, even to go to warm up for the weekend! Even this is possible on the basis of rest "the old Ladoga cottage". We will notopen bath. You have to gather, to come to fun night, with new forces to return to the city.

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