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Tanechkina cave

Picturesque neighborhoods of the Volkhov River, where our recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya Dacha" is located, are well-known for the caves. The most known of them is Tanechkina cave and it is really near our facility, near Prophetic Oleg's barrow, the place, also popular with tourists. According to the legend, remains of the Novgorod prince are buried in this barrow.  The cave, about which we want to tell you, is situated just a kilometer away from this place.

The entrance into Tanechkina cave is near the river bank of Volkhov, in a stream bend. The cave is not really large – about 7, 5 of kilometers in length. Mazes of the cave go in two directions – North – east ( longer) and South - western. However not all courses are suitable for a research – some are  filled up, and others are flooded. Sometimes the arches are so low that it is necessary to go tilted. But in depth of the Tanechkina cave there is the most real underground lake, which only the most courageous travelers can see! By the way, we strongly recommend to research a cave accompanied by the skilled guide – it's easy to get lost.

It is interesting that in a cave huge columns of the famous night inhabitants, bats, live in the winter. Scientists clarified that there are four hundred bats there!

By the way, Tanechkina a cave is created by people – in the 19th century there was a place of extraction of sandstones, which were used for glass manufacture.

It is cool here, even in the summer, and the entrance is like a small, but quite plumb hill, therefore be careful if you decide to visit inside. You will definitely not regret visiting it! It is very beautiful in the cave – the arches are decorated with multi-colored layers of different breeds and you can make amazing photos with the camera with flashout!

For guests of our comfortable recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya Dacha" located in the Volkhov region of the Leningrad Region, visit of the Tanechkina cave will become one more surprising adventure – both cheerful, and cognitive therefore don't miss an opportunity to visit here, coming to us!

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