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The mooring in Old Ladoga is open

This modern mooring was built extraordinary quickly. It allows "to park" any ship and moor several passenger ships at a time. At the same time each ship can contain up to three hundred tourists!

Construction of this new and necessary element of transport infrastructure of area was made under close attention of the regional government within the presidential program of creation of the cultural center for tourists in Old Ladoga.

The head of the district reported that construction of such mooring in Old Ladoga became the first step in development of new tourist routes in the Leningrad Region which will help to know the historical places located in the neighborhood of the Northern Capital better. Tourism development in the Leningrad Region will not only attract tourists, but also will create new places of employment for local people, said Alexander Drozdenko, head of the area.

Old Ladoga will be able to accept the tourist ships next year. Opening of the mooring was a real celebration – there were representatives of district administration – Sergey Bebenin and Oleg Koval.

Similar updates are planned also for Vyborg and Lodeynoye Pole – so transport workers of the Leningrad Region realize the tasks set for 2018 announced by year of tourism.

The KONT company financed the project in Old Ladoga, investments constituted 50 million rubles at once.

The main benefit of the mooring built in Old Ladoga is in preserving the coastline in original state. This moment is especially important for the coastal areas having historical and cultural value.

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