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The Volkhov district - history

The neighborhood of the modern city of Volkhov stores history of Ancient Russia to this day. Time here is stiffened, keeping riddles and secrets of the Russian land. Here, on picturesque coast of the deep river where once there passed the well-known way "from the Varangian in Greeks" lodged tribes which were famous as skillful seafarers. They helped boats to bypass the places with rough thresholds on the well-known trade way on the Volkhov River.

Much later in 1927 there was a working settlement Zvanka – today's city of Volkhov. Old Ladoga is situated only six kilometers from it, on the opposite river bank. This is the most ancient settlement in the Leningrad region, the fortress with church and fresco with the image of St. George killing the Snake as an embodiment of enemies of the Russian land. The Tale of Bygone Years says that exactly here Rurik founded the city and remained to govern it. According to legends here, in the territory of fortress there is Prophetic Oleg's grave. In the territory of Old Ladoga it is possible to visit the well-known memorial estate, and also the mass celebrations, historical fancy-dress festivals and representations recreating pictures of the historical events which took place in Russia.

Also lodgers of our comfortable recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha" can touch the mysteries of Ancient Russia. One of surprising cultural finds of this area is the remains of the Lyubshinsky ancient settlement – the most ancient fortress not only in Russia, but also in Europe. It is situated directly in the territory of our country base. You can inspect its ruins and imagine scales of this defensive construction of the 7th century.

We will with pleasure organize comfortable accommodation in rooms or cottages of the Staroladozhskaya dacha for you, we will welcome our guests at the station, we will organize a transfer to Old Ladoga and we will help to acquire tickets in the museum and fortress.

Rest on our base is a fine opportunity to get acquainted with history of the Volkhov district – one of the most interesting places of the Leningrad region, and to have a good rest outdoors. More information about our services:

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