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Unusual wedding

The industry of wedding entertainments and options of wedding is promptly evolving today, proposing newlyweds various solutions for carrying out the only day, the wedding. we have already tried everything! The best-known weddings rattled for the whole world, we still talk about them and see photos.

That's true, ordinary weddings in city cafe are boring. Newlyweds invent various new entertainments. So, for example, the wedding in nude style, when the only thing that newlyweds wear is rings. But not every one can do the same in front of about 300 people! Such wedding will precisely be remembered for a long time. Other known wedding — from thrill-seekers is a wedding in air, newly married were combined in air on parachutes. What can be more romantic, than a wedding oath in air, between heaven and earth, when newly married promise to love each other until the end of life, at the same time it is unknown whether the landing is going to be really successful or not. Slightly less extreme, but not less cheerful is a wedding on bicycles. Newlyweds were combined literally on bicycles, during a walk in picturesque places of Sweden. By the way, since that time, in Sweden and Finland this type of weddings became the most popular. And the young couple from China, could not only have a wedding, but they made money on it. The matter is that the groom spent the annual earnings for flowers for the bride. In total it turned out …. 99999 roses which were carried by about thirty cars! Subsequently magnates of wedding entertainments returned money to the groom, having paid the right to use photos from his wedding. Not the latest one is the wedding under water, with aqualungs. But, believe, even the wedding at work can be turned into a wonderful adventure. Americans Lisa and Drew got married … in a shoe shop where the groom worked.

Of course, all these options of weddings did cost a lot to these couples. But it is always possible to find options both original and not expensive. The wedding in the country can become such option for you. The recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha" suggests to hold a wedding in the country. The option of carrying out the wedding day out-of-town is already original.  But, just think about it! You already know everything about weddings, so what stops you from holding your wedding in the country on recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha" and to make it unusual. For example, remember a wedding on bicycles? You can rent them in our facility. Wonderful views, amazing landscape, good weather and bicycles and your wedding is as good as the one carried out in Finland. In the country you can organize a usual wedding and thematic wedding. Believe us, even if you decide to repeat a feat of "a naked wedding", no one will judge you out of town. And our Russian sauna will be amazingly in place for this occasion. the wedding under the water is very troublesome occupation. But wedding on water on recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha" is quite real and inexpensive. The wide river Volkhov and rental of rowboats is situated 15 meters from our lodges, which expect you and your guests. Isn't it awesome to get married on water? Only your boat will be on water at that moment surrounded by burning lamps which will make your dreams come true. But even if you are not a supporter of extreme types of wedding, you'll love a romantic mobile registration. Our team of professionals will arrange it.

The wedding is not only a holiday, but also rest after this holiday. The recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha" offers cozy and comfortable accommodation in lodges on the river bank where you can stay with the guests. Lodges are equipped with all necessary, from towels to washing and dishwasher. And if you plan many guests for a wedding — you will have a discount for rental of boats, and we will present you the wedding champagne.

Join unusual weddings, and recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha" will help you in it.

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