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Volkhov district sights

Near the cities of Volkhov, Old and New Ladoga there is a set of churches and monasteries. Each of these constructions is a unique monument of cultural heritage of orthodox Russia. Not without reason sights of the Volkhov district in the Leningrad region attract a great number of tourists from all corners of Russia.

The white and blue Archangel Michael Church constructed at the beginning of the XIX century is situated on the left coast of Volkhov on the way to Novgorod. Till 1812 the church was wooden, but after the fire it was reconstructed. It is the operating orthodox parish in which you can visit service or just admire pure lines of the temple built in the best traditions of orthodox architecture.

The female Uspensky monastery built on the same river bank of Volkhov, where  the queen Eudoxia Lopukhina, the first spouse of Peter the Great was imprisoned in the XVIII century is also well known. The Assumption Cathedral is the main architectural sight of the monastery. Its construction is referred to 1157 - 1158, thus, this temple was built at the time of government of the Ryurik dynasty. It is one of the few temples which remained in original state. Many of the churches constructed later in the Volkhov region imitated an image of the Assumption Cathedral.

But the best-known temple is the Saint Georgy's church constructed within the walls of the Old Ladoga fortress here. The snow-white temple built in the second half of the 12th century became famous thanks to an ancient fresco with the image of St.George killing the Snake – the monster representing enemies of Russia.

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