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Wedding tendencies of 2017

The wedding fashion never stands still. Every year brings us new wedding tendencies. 2017 has already prepared the list of fashionable trends which you can use during creation of the unique holiday.

Latest tendencies include a set of nuances in the organization of wedding celebration: choice of scenery, style of guests and newlyweds, selection of color schemes and concept of the party. However the choice of the place for holding celebration still defines character of the occasion.

So, what are the trends of 2017?

  • The wedding celebration organized outside Russia has long ago become a trend and is no surprise; Therefore today it becomes fashionable to celebrate this day in the most mysterious, forgotten corners of the planet, in the wild and original nature; The choice of the country with an unusual natural landscape will allow to make at the same time a tremendous wedding photoshoot, would it be Tanzania or Ireland;

  • Small weddings are more popular than ones with large number of guests; parties with the small number of guests take place in cozy country hotels, modern recreation facilities, in stylish lofts;

  • Home-style "cozy" stylistic solutions have also become a trend of wedding fashion in 2017; Back to basics weddings in the Russian style, and comfy parties in rooms of an ancient estate with use of national suits and traditional registration are back;

  • It is extraordinary fashionable to create elegant and at the same time free style of the wedding celebration today; This concept is perfectly implemented within the country nature where it is possible to make fine shooting of newlyweds on the river bank in summer or a photoshoot with horses;

  • Bright and non-standard wedding solutions are also top trend today – not banal suits, extreme conditions for holding a wedding, sports alternatives to ceremonious celebrations –there are no borders for your imagination;

  • One of the latest trend is to use Internet technologies at each stage of preparation and organization of wedding; you can use Internet and social networks to make a live broadcast of your wedding for your friends;

It is easy to unite all fashionable wedding tendencies in the celebration of your wedding in our recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha".

Newlyweds and guests will feel the authentic atmosphere of the ancient city, they'll have thematic photoshoots against the background of ancient walls of fortress and magnificent landscapes, they can organize magnificent dinners by candlelight and rest in comfortable rooms.

The various menu, modern equipment, various options of leisure – for example quest for guests - "search of family happiness" or an enchanting interactive show of soap bubbles for children and adults, all this will make your wedding really fashionable and unique. Let your wedding be fashionable!

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