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Weekend in the Leningrad region

What can be better than outdoor recreation? Only weekend in the Leningrad region. Why? It is obvious. Budget travel, magnificent nature, cozy lodge, shish kebab and Russian sauna, and the main thing — all this is absolutely real. At the same time you shouldn't get ready in advance, heat sauna, clean the house. You come here and we've already done that. All you need to do is rest. Such rest on the weekend in the Leningrad region is offered by recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha"

The are only two days off in a week. It's not that much. You won't manage to go abroad and have a rest and stying in the city is awful. It is possible, of course to go to friends to dacha. BUT if you the owner of this dacha, then it is not a real rest, it's a set of small and routine efforts: get everything done for reception of guests, tidy up everything after guests. It's not every week option. Imagine that all this is possible, but without efforts.

Weekend in the Leningrad region is getting popular among Petersburgers. It is both economic and convenient. Moreover it is also useful for health. It is worth saying that clean fresh air favorably affects our immune system. And nature: wood, field, river — all this brings joy for nervous system and organism in general. It is worth reserving a cottage on recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha" and you will be able to spend all days off close to nature in the cozy house atmosphere. If you imagined taking suitcases with ware, fast food and the ugliest clothes then you've never spent your weekend in the Leningrad region on recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha".

There is everything in a lodge you rent: ware for cooking and serving food, electric stove for cooking anything you want. Dishwasher, so that you could rest after eating. And if you don't risk to take good clothes in order not to ruin it, then don't worry, there is also a washing machine. We have everything to make your weekend in the Leningrad region pleasant and not a quest on survival in forest conditions.

This is absolutely inexpensive, and it shouldn't be planned in advance, for half a year or quarter, it is possible just to get ready and go, with light baggage, without suitcases,with close people or alone. It is full freedom: you don't depend neither on planes, nor on tour operators, nor on a situation in the world. You, and only you, choose what to do.

Spend your weekend in the Leningrad region with recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha". We assure, it will be pleasant to you.

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