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  • Recreation center in Staraya Ladoga:
    beautiful scenery,
    historical places
    pure air and silence!

  • Historic surroundings and breathtaking views: a real natural beauty of the river space of the ancient river!

  • Staraya Ladoga:
    a place where everything breathes the air of ages past,
    away from the modern hustle and bustle!

  • A story that lives nearby: in the waters of the Volkhov looks Staraya Ladoga fortress.

"Staraya Ladoga dacha"
- recreation base on the Volkhov river

New cosy base for a rural getaway on the banks of the Volkhov river in the picturesque place of Leningrad region with modern living conditions in the cottages.

База отдыха на берегу Волхова

Magical views of the river Volkhov

База отдыха в Ленинградской области

A little over an hour drive from St. Petersburg

Бесплатный трансфер

Transfer from the railway station

Аренда коттеджей

Comfortable cottages for rent

Отдых с детьми

Playground and sports equipment

Прокат лодок и велосипедов

Boat rental and bicycles

Отдых с рыбалкой


Аренда бани

Great banya on firewood

Проведение фестивалей

Festivals, holidays, reconstruction

Экскурсии по Старой Ладоге

Cultural environment and conducted tours

Проведение свадеб и корпоративов

Holidays, weddings, corporate events

Аренда мангалов и шампуров

Nice stuff: grill, skewers, charcoal

Comfortable cottages for rent

Our cozy cottages are recently commissioned. Combined with modern living conditions, it is — our undeniable the advantage for long-rustic camping with friends or family!


Аренда коттеджа-дуплекса


Аренда VIP-коттеджа

Fisherman house

Аренда рыбацкого домика

Painter house

Аренда домика хужожника

How to reach us

By train from Ladozhsky station to the station Volkhovstroy-1 (station transfer). By car along the Murmansk road in the direction of Staraya Ladoga, to the village of Seltso-Gorka.

Whats new

9 сентября

Perfect autumn vacation outdoors

Preparation for the 1st of September ended, new academic year has begun, and parents of pupils already think about the next issue – where to spend autumn vacation with children, which will start very soon? A trip to the sea is not always an option because of high cost and acclimatization, rest in the city will hardly be able to load the child with energy, so necessary before long winter. But active vacation in the countryside on comfortable recreation facility is an optimal option both for parents and children

7 июля

Old Ladoga in figures – from foundation to the present

The first mentions of this ancient city (till 1704 the village Old Ladoga carried the status of the city, and was called just Ladoga) are dated 862.

1 июля

The Nicholo-Medvedsky monastery in New Ladoga

The regional city New Ladoga was founded in the neighborhood of the Nicholo-Medvedsky monastery which is one of the main sights of the Volkhov district even today.

30 мая

Church of the Transfiguration in the settlement of Chernavino.

There is a large number of ancient temples in the Volkhov district of the Leningrad Region, where the comfortable recreation facility "Staroladozhskaya dacha" is located. One of them is located in the settlement of Chernavino - it is brick Church of the Transfiguration – out of service temple with the rich and difficult history.

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